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CAC2 Membership: Organization

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Organization Member: To be eligible for membership as an Organization Member, an entity must be (a) a childhood cancer organization or coalition, or (b) a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization with a primary interest in childhood cancer issues. Supporting Member: Non-profit and for-profit organization that does not qualify as an Organization Member shall be eligible for membership as a Supporting Member.

Organization and Supporting member annual dues for CAC2 are determined by the annual gross revenues from the organization’s most recent fiscal year (please consult Page 1 of your latest Form 990 or 990-PF).
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If not, we still welcome your support! Please do not complete this application. Instead, please complete our Supporting Organization Application.
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Optional Revenue and Spending Information:
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Annual gross revenues from the organization’s most recent fiscal year (please consult Page 1 of your latest Form 990 or 990-PF).
Optional Impact and Reach Information:
Please provide estimates for the following items that communicate your organization’s impact and reach for the most recent year for which your organization tracks the information.
Please answer however your organization communicates this.
Please answer however your organization communicates this.
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If you track media exposure, please answer this in whatever manner your organization reports it.
Optional Personnel Information
Estimates are fine for number of volunteers
Please describe any collaborative effort(s) in which your organization participates in the pediatric cancer community – either within CAC2 and/or outside of CAC2
Associate Members can participate in all CAC2 activities but cannot vote on behalf of the organization; there is no extra charge to a Member Organization for Associate Members.
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